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Featured College Entrepreneurs: Simon and Triantaphilos Manning

“We are dedicated to giving opportunities to anyone with a passion for their work”. Simon and Triantaphilos Manning, two college students from Cleveland, Ohio, are the co-founders of Aurelion Arts, an “Art Marketplace for Dreamers”. As the kids of European parents, Simon and Triantaphilos were raised to appreciate the classics such as history, art and music. Considering this, and their multiple trips to Athens, Greece, it was no surprise that they both felt an affinity towards the fine arts. An Art Marketplace for Dreamers Aurelion Arts was founded in 2017 on the idea that fine art should be more accessible to everyone both as a concept and as a product. From the viewpoint of Simon and Triantaphilos, many people see...

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Featured College Artist: Brett Koolik

“The music tells the story”.  If you have ever heard a song by Brett Koolik, an 18-year-old freshman at Vanderbilt University, you would completely agree. From Boca Raton, Florida, Brett has only been writing songs for a little over three years. But that hasn’t stopped him from quickly becoming a local star, as kids all over campus are beginning to hear the incredibly catchy music that Brett engineers himself. “It’s a mix of pop and things that will make you cry”, says a fan of Brett’s, and Brett couldn’t agree more. His unique voice and breathtaking passion allow him to tell a story that connects with people of all audiences. And for Brett, conveying that story is what is most...

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