Featured College Artist: Brett Koolik

Featured College Artist: Brett Koolik

“The music tells the story”. 

If you have ever heard a song by Brett Koolik, an 18-year-old freshman at Vanderbilt University, you would completely agree. From Boca Raton, Florida, Brett has only been writing songs for a little over three years. But that hasn’t stopped him from quickly becoming a local star, as kids all over campus are beginning to hear the incredibly catchy music that Brett engineers himself.

“It’s a mix of pop and things that will make you cry”,

says a fan of Brett’s, and Brett couldn’t agree more. His unique voice and breathtaking passion allow him to tell a story that connects with people of all audiences. And for Brett, conveying that story is what is most important to him. When he makes his music, emotions come first. “I only write a song when I’m feeling those emotions in that exact moment” Then, says Brett, he’ll go to the piano, where, as a classically trained pianist, he first finds the chords. “Find the music that expresses the emotions without the words”.

So far, Brett has released three songs. His first song, “Hope You’re Not Hoping” was his breakout song, his first to be professionally recorded and mastered. The song projects his true passion for making music and displays a lighter and more joyous side of his songwriting.


“Systematic” is his second song in collaboration with A.C., another Vanderbilt freshman. Brett brings a bubbly, fast-paced and rhythmic hit with “Systematic”, which immediately became a success, even being featured on heavily followed Spotify playlists.



His most recent song, “The One I Need”, instantly digs down to the heart and connects with listeners on a new level. This catchy song is a more piano-heavy anthem -- a trend Brett intends to follow with his coming songs.

In the next month, Brett will be releasing a six-song piano album, followed by two pop songs, including “See You Again” and “Let Go”. Brett describes “See You Again” as his masterpiece, and envisions it connecting with a large audience.

As a college student, Brett has been able to experiment with the freedom that college offers. “With no bills to pay, I am afforded the freedom to experiment while producing music”, says Brett. Within the next two years, Brett hopes to have established gigs around Nashville, and over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

To see Brett live, come to the renowned Bluebird Café on Monday nights at 6:00 PM. Home of intimate, acoustic music, the Bluebird Café has hosted people like Dierks Bentley, Garth Brooks, and Kate Tayler. Its claim to fame, however, is being the site where Taylor Swift was discovered. With great opportunities opening up, Brett has a chance to follow his dreams of becoming a nationally recognized pianist, songwriter, and enthusiastic performer.

Make sure to follow Brett on Spotify and keep up with his work here.  


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