Featured College Entrepreneurs: Simon and Triantaphilos Manning

“We are dedicated to giving opportunities to anyone with a passion for their work”.

Simon and Triantaphilos Manning, two college students from Cleveland, Ohio, are the co-founders of Aurelion Arts, an “Art Marketplace for Dreamers”. As the kids of European parents, Simon and Triantaphilos were raised to appreciate the classics such as history, art and music. Considering this, and their multiple trips to Athens, Greece, it was no surprise that they both felt an affinity towards the fine arts.

An Art Marketplace for Dreamers

Aurelion Arts was founded in 2017 on the idea that fine art should be more accessible to everyone both as a concept and as a product. From the viewpoint of Simon and Triantaphilos, many people see art as being too expensive to personally own and too far out of their element to appreciate. For Simon and Triantaphilos, Aurelion Arts is a way to close the gap on both of these ideas by offering an interface where customers can both learn about the artists and their pieces. Aurelion Arts homepage

Simon and Triantaphilos both graduated from Shaker Heights High School and Simon now attends the Ohio State University while Triantaphilos recently graduated from Case Western Reserve University. Simon is majoring in Software Engineering and Triantaphilos recieved degrees in Mathematics and Economics. Both brothers are avid gamers, and enjoy traveling, art history, logic puzzles, and soccer, as both played at high levels during their time in high school. Simon and Triantaphilos feel that being a college student is an ideal environment for entrepreneurs. The high energy and eagerness of their peers have given them an endless supply of resources. Visitors to their site (aurelionarts.com) can sift through either product categories or artists to learn more about their pieces, as the text on those pages comes directly from the artists themselves. Customers then simply order a print, and shortly after have a beautiful decoration that not only transforms the space it is in but also offers a story to anyone who sees the work.

Aurelion Arts abstract art





Aurelion Arts photographyAurelion Arts artist


Their vision for Aurelion Arts is to "create an environment where people know they can find amazing works of art and discover artists who they may not have crossed paths with otherwise". Additionally, they hope to provide a platform for any talented artist to sell their craft. In 6 months they expect to have engaged with at least 40 different artists, and in 2 years they hope to be competitive with other leading providers of both art information and fine art related products as An Art Marketplace for Dreamers.

"Our vision is to create an environment where people know they can find amazing works of art and discover artists who they may not have crossed paths with otherwise."

To follow Aurelion Arts on social media, check out the links below:

Website: https://aurelionarts.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aurelionarts/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AurelionArts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aurelionarts/



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