10 Must-Have Affordable Technology Products for College Students | CollegeTech Essentials 2017

These affordable technology products are essential for your college experience to tech out your dorm room and your studies. #Takecharge with these effective tech products and check out our list of must-have's for the 2017 school year. 

1. USD Cable Power LED Strip

If you are looking to transform your dorm room with whatever mood you are in, make sure to get these LED strips to line the walls of your dorm. Have a dorm room party, or set a calm mood with these affordable LED strips. 

2. Toproad LED Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Share your taste of music wherever you go, from your dorm room to the common areas, with booming audio from the Toproad LED Stereo Speaker.

3. Lightning Cable Retractable USB 

No tangled messes with this retractable USB cable. Stick it in your pocket or bag and plug it in with ease and stand out with this neat and affordable tech gadget.

4. Adjustable USB Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp

Bend and flex your light to the perfect spot with this adjustable and rechargeable USB desk lamp. 

5. USB Ultrasonic Humidifier

This modern and sleek humidifier adds a much-needed scent to the sometimes smelly dorm room.

6. Portable Waterproof LED Bluetooth Speaker

These portable waterproof speakers will give you high-quality sound in any situation, rain, shine, or in the shower.

7. Akaso Bluetooth Headphones

The AKASO wireless headphones are the perfect way for the late night jams to not disturb your roommate. What's better, they're affordable and mighty powerful.

8. 2017 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones

The ideal running partner for your morning jog, these 2017 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones by Zhibang provide durability and functionality at an affordable price.

9. Cube LED Digital Alarm Clock

Add a contemporary look to the dorm room with these sleek digital alarm clocks.

10. Wireless Charging Pad

Last but certainly not least, this incredibly elegant looking wireless charging pad is the perfect way to charge your new phone in style.


These ten products are CollegeTech's must-have affordable technologies for the dorm room and for studies. Stay tuned for our next top ten list!

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