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It is about that time of the year for students all across the country. That all-too-familiar dreaded thought of having to hibernate in the library for 24 hours straight, drink four Monsters and order a midnight pizza to find that you only wanted one slice because you actually weren't that hungry you just wanted to procrastinate. Yeah, we are feeling the same way. So, we decided to share the ways we have been finding some peace during this week of misery, and seek refuge from the abundance of stress building up in your body. 

1. Exercise! Hit the gym, get some gains and forget about your pains. 

Exercising has consistently been proven to reduce stress levels and make you not only a happier but also a healthier person. Exercising reduces cortisol levels in the body which helps lead to lower levels of stress. Even just taking 15 minutes out of your study session to go for a quick jog can be incredibly effective. 

2. Say no. Don't let FOMO take control.

We all know how it feels to miss out on something great. Whether your friends are going out or just hanging around, it is super tempting to say to yourself you'll be able to study later. And sometimes it is the right call to take a break. But don't let that fear control you. Besides, is it really going to be fun if you're not there?

3. Nap. Sleep. Siesta. 

Whether you believe it or not, sleep is one of the most important things we need in life. Yeah, I'm sure you'll feel great after taking a red bull at 2 AM. But lets be honest with ourselves, a nice power nap is the greatest feeling in the world. You know why? Because your brain gets recharged, and you feel like a new person. Also, just think about how comfy your bed is. And if you're living in a crappy dorm with terrible beds, then think about how comfortable your bed could be, and just imagine that will work. So get some sleep kid, you'll need it. 

4. Unplug from technology.

Did your phone just buzz? Are you sure? I think I heard it, you might want to check just to make sure. We are constantly obsessing over our phones and notifications, and it is driving us crazy. But I'm sure you've heard this from everyone, so we're not saying you need to always keep it away from you forever. We are merely suggesting when you need to study hard for your exam, just leave it somewhere else. You will feel much better later.

5. Go for a long walk on the beach...or just go for a normal walk.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is just take a breath of fresh air. Yeah, it is probably getting kind of cold outside and it takes way too long to put warm clothes and shoes on, but trust us it is probably worth it. Unless, of course, it is 70 and sunny outside, then you have no excuse. 

6. Take a shower

Let's be real, it is because you smell bad. You have been stressed for 3 days and completely forgot to change your clothes and shower. So take a second, for you and for all around you, and go hop in the shower. Besides that, it is actually a great place to just relax and think about other things than the 4 exams and 3 essays you still have to do. 

7. Help someone else study

Yeah, it might seem kind of counterintuitive to de-stress yourself by watching others stress themselves out, but it also kind of works. Plus, who doesn't enjoy seeing a good old meltdown? And maybe they will return the favor and help you out too!

8. Eat something. Literally anything

A lot of times you'll see articles about eating the right thing when you are studying to make sure you have the most possible energy for your studies, and claiming that you are going to get the most out of your focus time. And they are probably accurate, so listen to those. But what we are saying is that sometimes people don't eat at all. Just forget. "Oh, I'm too busy studying to eat." Sorry kid, get up and shove a hamburger in that mouth because food is food and you need it to get any energy at all. 

9. Watch sports, and if you don't like sports, start liking sports.

There's nothing like rallying behind a team and watching them kick some ass. Plus, it feels really good to yell at the television, and we're not really sure why but it works. If you are looking for a team to root for because you are struggling to find one or don't know any professional teams (and thanks for taking our suggestion to start liking sports) I recommend the Cleveland Cavaliers for basketball. You'll thank me later.

10. Think about the big picture. Now, think bigger.

It helps to take a step back and look at what this means in your life. So, you get an F on one of your exams. Yeah, maybe you don't get into the graduate school of your dreams, so what? Ok, that sucks, so if you're going to get an F you should probably study some more. Sorry. But honestly, think about what matters to you most, and just take some time to recognize the many different ways you can achieve that.  

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