Top 10 Must-Have NBA, College and High School Throwback Jerseys for Parties

With March Madness underway and college students all across the country quickly realizing how terrible they are at predicting college basketball games, we thought it would be a great time to share some of the best jersey's we've ever seen at tailgates, parties, and around campus. These jerseys are bound to make a first impression, and the best part is that they are all $20. So if you're basking in sadness over your busted bracket and looking to spend a bit of money on some affordable jerseys of teams other than the ones you picked to win it all, check out our awesome list of the top 10 must-have throwback jerseys below.

1. Russell Westbrook UCLA Retro Throwback Jersey #0 | $20

If Russ saw you in this we're pretty sure you'd get dapped up...but no promises.

2. Dennis Rodman Oklahoma Savages College Throwback Jersey #10 | $20

Savage jersey. Nothing else to say here.

3. Downtown "Funky Stuff" Malone Flint Tropics Semi-Pro Throwback Jersey #69 | $20

downtown funky stuff malone flint tropics

Hopefully you have no funky stuff going on downtown, but I guess that's not our problem. 

4. Paul Pierce Kansas Jayhawks College Throwback Jersey #34 | $20

Did they retire this jersey? We can't remember after all the fuss he made about his last jersey retirement. 

5. Larry Bird Spring Valley High School Throwback Jersey #33 | $20

An ultimate classic. Seriously, how much better does it get than a high school Larry jersey. 

6. Allen Iverson Bethel High School Throwback Jersey #3 | $20

AI jersey throwback bethel high school

An AI jersey for $20? That's The Answer.

7. Charles Barkley Leeds High School Retro Throwback Jersey #34 | $20

Sweet jersey for a sweet price. Sir Charles would approve, we hope. 

8. Andrew Wiggins Kansas University College Throwback Jersey #22 | $20

Throwback to when Wiggins had a chance at winning the championship with the Cavs...sorry Minnesota.

9. Brandon Ingram Kinston High School Throwback Jersey #13 | $20

Would you consider playing with Lonzo Ball a high point or low point in your career?

10. Kevin Durant Oak Hill High School Throwback Jersey #33 | $20

No one likes this guy, but it's a pretty sick jersey nonetheless. 


That about wraps things up for our CollegeTech Top 10 Must-Have NBA, College, and High School Throwback Jerseys. Make sure to check more of our stuff out at 

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