What NOT to do over winter break

What NOT to do over winter break

So, it’s finally winter break. There’s no doubt that we’ve all been literally counting down the days since Thanksgiving break. And if you’re crazy, counting down the days since the first day of school. But...either way, we’re not here to judge. The only important thing is that all thoughts of academics have been banned (temporarily) for this entire break.

Holiday season means that many things happen, so here at CollegeTech, we’re thinking about what college students just like us should definitely NOT do over break.

Take this advice from some fellow college students that are looking out for your best interests and try your hardest not to:

1. Get on a normal, wholesome, non-Generation Z sleep schedule.

Okay so we know it seems paradoxical that you shouldn’t get on a normal sleep schedule, but we have reasons. It’ll be healthy for you to temporarily get on a normal sleep schedule, but don’t get too used to how good it feels because if you do, getting back on that college-student sleep schedule will really exhaust you and unfortunately have even larger negative impacts on your health.

2. Become completely plastered off your family’s eggnog.

In the case that you’re part of the 60 percent of students who’ve been drinking this fall semester, we ask you nicely to use your manners and not embarrass yourself during your family holiday get-together. It would be a shame if the only thing that your parent’s guests and your family members learn about your college experience is that you’ve become an unpaid brand ambassador for Bacardi.

3. Gamble away your sorrows, and your savings, playing dreidel.

Maybe you’re a legendary Texas hold‘em or poker player now - feared by everybody on your hall, but dreidel with your grandparents is not the game to go overboard in. Even though you might want to bring back stacks on stacks of cash to college to blow at Chili’s, still be careful that you don’t return to school as an even-broker student. That-- would be bad.

4. Get frostbite.

This is a simple one. We want all of you to stay warm and with that, avoid any amputations.

5. Turn into a tomato.

Another piece of advice that an intelligent college student like yourself should have no trouble following. We know that sunburn is dangerous for the long-term health of your skin, but keep in mind that it is especially important to apply that sunblock, since the sun’s UV rays are hundreds of times more dangerous than they were when your parents were your age.

6. Pack your mom’s specialty dish in your checked baggage.

On a more jolly note, we’re just reminding you here that despite however much you loved that glazed ham that you enjoyed on Christmas Eve, finish the leftovers before you leave for school. We know that you don’t want that random piece of unwashed tupperware sitting coated in pig juice under your bed for this entire semester.

7. Kiss the wrong person on New Year’s Eve.

CollegeTech is going to leave this one to you. You’re smart. Now have fun.

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