CollegeTech was founded by college students to serve college students. Our goal is to provide affordable yet effective technology for the dorm and for studies.

So how did this all get started?

Before coming to Vanderbilt University as freshmen, we were both excited to "tech-out" our dorm room. Speakers, lights, and accessories that would transform our room from the typical dorm. So we did what any person looking for products for their dorm room would do. We googled it. We found rather quickly that while a few sites wrote some basic product suggestion articles, there was not a location where we could browse through a variety of products for our dorm room. Immediately, a light popped on in our heads, and we got to work. 

As students, we understand the extremely limited college budget. Finding the cheapest but most effective products have already been part of our college experience, as we are constantly eating food that is cheap but keeps us full as long as possible. Yup, as stereotypical as it may seem, ramen is actually one of the most common foods we eat. It is widely available, cheap, but fulfilling. 

So what were we trying to do? Well, we want to be a ramen marketplace. CollegeTech is a place where students from around the country can easily buy affordable and effective products. Not too costly, but they keep you very satisfied. Essentially, they are the perfect products for a college student. 

Why buy from CollegeTech? What gives us an advantage over other sites? First, CollegeTech is the only business centered completely on technology for college students. Our niche market is incredibly unique, but also incredibly large, with more than 16 million college students enrolled at various colleges and universities around the United States. Secondly, we understand what it means to be a college student, and why it is important to spend money wisely. What better way to understand your market than to comprise of it? Finally, we have an advantage because we believe in the potential of our brand, and in our potential to shape the college marketplace. We've received an unbelievable amount of support before our launch from other college students, and we are so thrilled to launch in the coming days. 

We hope that you will join us on our journey to provide college students with affordable, accessible, and effective technology. Stay tuned for more information and exciting news. To contact us, email or call (216) 403-4451.

Brent Szklaruk-Salazar and Andrew Roth

Co-Founders, CollegeTech